Who We Are

Power Equipment Company is a subsidiary of Bramco, Inc. headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. Power Equipment Company, together with our sister company, Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company, constitute one of the largest construction, mining, and forestry equipment distribution networks in the United States. Together, we have fourteen full-service branches throughout Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, Eastern Arkansas, Kentucky and Indiana. Power Equipment Company offers the most complete line of construction, mining, forestry equipment and services available. We are committed to providing the people, market-leading products and quality services to decrease our customer’s downtime and increase their production and profits – to give our customers The POWER TO PERFORM!


Power Strong

Each month we will highlight one of our “Power Strong” employees. Get to know what makes us so different from other heavy equipment companies.

我们的employees are often long-term employees with a passion for the industries we serve and providing complete customer satisfaction at all times.

MeetCody Pate

Rental Coordinator

Nashville, Tennessee


Power’s mission is to sell, rent and service construction, mining and related handling/processing equipment to a wide variety of customers when working in Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, Southwest Virginia, or Eastern Arkansas.

Statement of Principles

We value organizational performance excellence in all we do.

  • We don’t lie, cheat or steal. We obey the law.

  • We treat everyone with respect and care.

  • We aggressively promote the manufacturers we represent, their products and our services.

  • We continually seek out and implement new and better ways of creating value for our customers. We will settle for nothing less than to be the preferred supplier to our customers and to prove we’re the best in the business.

  • We run a tight ship, and take pride in giving our investors a fair return on their investment.

我们的Family of Companies

Power Equipment Company is a member of the Bramco family of heavy equipment sales, service and rental companies.Bramco

布兰代斯机械供应公司was founded in the explosive urban and industrial growth of the 20TH.century. It was during this time there was huge demand for equipment that built skyscrapers, factories, houses, streets, stores and other public facilities. Brandeis offers a diverse selection of construction, aggregate, road construction, scrap, recycling, port, mining, forestry, crane, demolition and地球移动设备。这些产品由涵盖肯塔基和印第安纳州的八个地点的无与伦比的客户服务水平支持。优德

Since its founding in 1908, Brandeis has been creating solutions for optimizing customer profits and minimizing downtime at construction sites, mines, and quarries. By giving customers what they need, when they need it, Brandeis remains a leading heavy equipment supplier and is committed to be your “Partner in Productivity.”

在整个Brandeis和Power Rovions中认识到其客户的粉碎和筛选需求,推动了创造Bramco-MPS. Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, top Bramco regions, are three of the top ten leading producing states for crushed stone, sand and gravel. To service this, Bramco-MPS offers a full range of mobile and tracked crushing and screening equipment. Excellent manufacturer partners are only part of the equation, Bramco-MPS is a customer first full service provider. Specialized Bramco MPS sales and support staff means customers get knowledgeable, experienced people helping them making decisions on their material processing needs.

Bramco-MPS,虽然在Bramco in Bramco,但担任Brandeis Machinery和供应公司和电力设备公司的产品和服务的延伸。优德

Certified Rental,started in 2001, is a separate rental division of Bramco focusing on the rental needs of our customers. Certified Rental provides short or long term rent-to-rent construction equipment with a fleet of over 1000 late model, low hour machines in a wide variety of classes. Certified customers are able to rent machines with the most efficient technologies which enhance operation, give them am competitive edge and reduce their downtime.

我们的rental machine investment of just over $130 million is distributed from the 14 Bramco service branches and is fully supported by factory trained field service technicians. This allows the machines to be constantly monitored and ensure you have little to no downtime on your projects. Certified Rental is your valued partner for your projects.